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■About the Koganei Park Running Club

  Our running club was established in December 1979 by the members of then Koganei Park Radio Exercise
organization. Since then the club has been always active, boasting the 30 years of history
and strong ties among the members.
Our spiritual identity is crystallized in the club song "road" composed by one of the members.
Every month, a joint running event is planned and executed by the members,
followed by an open air garden party.
The internal communication is also maintained by such means as the quarterly club reports
(including race results, member articles and essays),
web pages and the dedicated posting board situated in the park.
As of 2008, there are around 130 registered members in the club. All the age groups from 20s to 80s and
skill levels are covered.
When you had to live in Tokyo, especially the Tama area, you are always welcome to participate
in any of our activities. Please let us know and run together


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